Team Brannock members greet Erika at the airport as she arrives home.

Erika reunited with several of her students.

Team Brannock at Hero Rush MD!

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I’d like to say, “You go, girl!” So glad you finally got to meet “Joan” from California; what a clearheaded, straight-thinking person she was to aid you at such a time. -Barbara D.

Go get ’em, Erika! You’re an inspiration and a hero to all of us. You’re sending a real message to your students. God bless you and keep on fighting! -Tom E.

God bless you Erika. I just learned of you on Anderson Cooper’s show and was very moved by your beauty and strength and that of your hero, Amanda. I too love dragonfly ‘s and will now think of you when ever seeing one. With love and hope from a MA transplant from MD!

Fingers are crossed that today is the last surgery needed for a while as stated above and you again kick butt after this one! Keep up the great healing, Erika! You can do it! Lots of healing, peace and strength continuously being sent to you!!!

The Erika Brannock Fund

943061_10100924228705245_66478259_n - CopyThe purpose of this fund is to provide ongoing support for our beloved friend, colleague, and family member that was seriously injured in the bombing at the Boston Marathon on April 15th, 2013.

For those that have never had the pleasure of meeting Erika, she is an incredibly kind and loving teacher to ALL children, a respected educator among ALL her peers, and a friend to ALL parents during and out of school hours. Erika is a loyal friend and incredibly close with her loving family.

ALL the money donated into this fund will help support Erika’s recovery and aid in her living expenses as she begins on her long road to recovery.



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