Making Progress


Many times in our journey through something difficult we have setbacks, this is normal. So many times these setbacks discourage us. I have had these moments in my own recovery and have become discouraged myself. It took me awhile to understand that even though I was going through this setback, I was still making progress. It wasn’t always the progress I wanted to be making, but my sister; also seriously injured in the bombing, told me to “Trust The Process.”┬áThis has become my motivation and encouragement through my long recovery.

I am a very stubborn person if you can believe it or not :-). I am the most patient with children and the least patient with myself. I have tried to push my body beyond what it was capable of and paid the price for that on more than one occasion even well before losing my leg.

In today’s world everyone is trying to get somewhere the fastest way possible. Find the quickest way to get to our end goal. Why? What do we gain by getting through a traffic light just to be stopped two lights down from that? What do we gain from driving 15 miles over the speed limit on a major highway and passing other cars? Or getting in line at Starbucks ahead of someone talking on their phone not paying attention?

Think about what you are trying to rush through in your life. Are you missing a lesson you could have learned? Are you missing a opportunity to make a new relationship or make someone’s day better?

There is a process to everything we do no matter how small. Trust your process and take a moment to look around at who you could be benefiting or how you could be improving yourself.


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