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Starting the New Year right?


How many of you have been asked over the last few days what your New Years resolution is? Do you struggle to pick one and feel pressure to make sure that it’s “good?”


I strongly dislike resolutions. My feeling is this…why do you need a specific day to better yourself and make commitments to yourself and/or others? If you want to make a change in your life or attitude, you don’t need a holiday to prompt you when to start, start when you feel ready.


Two nights ago, someone I was close to a few years ago and that became a HUGE source of encouragement throughout my recovery while he was continuing his fight against cancer that was draining so much from him passed away. My heart immediately broke and I could not stop crying.


Josh Mentzer was an incredibly caring, fun-loving, generous and carefree soul that always had a smile on his face every time he came to drop off the Boars Head delivery at the Graul’s Market. He had such a kind soul, was incredibly giving and had a fire for life and love like I had never seen. He made everyone’s life better by his shear presence.


Josh, I’m so happy that you are now out of pain, but your lack presence here on Earth will be hard for a large amount of people to try to overcome. You will never leave our hearts and we will never forget the impact that you made in our lives. Thank you for everything you have done in my life, as well as, the lessons of determination and fighting through hardships you taught me.


My challenge for you all is to make one, if you feel you want to, that deals with your heart, mind and soul rather than your physical appearance. Being healthy and losing weight is a wonderful goal; why not make that a secondary goal. Make a resolution to take more time appreciating the small things. To pay attention to your loved ones needs and how you can make a difference in their lives.


My resolution has nothing to do with me. I never make resolutions because they seem so selfish every time I make one. My resolution is to think about how my life can impact others and help them. I want to help someone else achieve their goal and encourage the change that they want to make in their life. Just as Josh Mentzer helped me achieve my goals and keep me focused on the help I wanted to give to others to make their changes.


Happy New Year and I love you all very much.


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