Praying For My City

Watching the events in Baltimore from today has given me a mixture of emotions. While I can have respect for the frustration for what the community of Baltimore City feels (because I not part of a minority I cannot truly understand what they are feeling) the way that this is being handled saddens me and breaks my heart.


Innocent people have been hurt and harmed due to the violence a group of people decided was the appropriate way to react. Did the young man sitting at the bus stop they beat have anything to do with Freddie Gray’s death? Did the employees at CVS have anything to do with Mr. Gray’s arrest? Did the people who would have benefited from the senior center that was burned to the ground play a part in his tragic death?


My mind is swimming trying to figure out what goes through someone’s head when they cut the fire hose that is trying to put a fire out in a CVS store that could spread and take down their city. Destroying your own home does not solve anything.


Seeing the group marching with the clergy through the city and how it grew gave me a small piece of hope that inside people still know how to do the right thing and think on their own from their friends.

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